• The ONLY UK-produced PRP kit on the market
  • Medical Device Class II
  • Pure autologous: No additives, activators or GEL. No risk of any intolerance.
  • Individually sterile tubes with anticoagulant (Sodium Citrate)
  • UK produced kit with CE mark – Class II medical device
  • RBC < 1% • Platelet Harversation > 94%
  • Leucocytes < 4%
  • Easy to perform – one stage closed system, ready to use kit with all accessories
  • COST EFFECTIVE – 6 X10 ml tubes for up to 6 sessions.
  • £100 per box – 6 client treatments inside


6x PRP Tubes

  • 6x EUROPEAN tubes in each kit.
  • Each 10ml tube is vacuumed and includes 1ml of anticoagulant.
  • Tubes do not include activators or separation gel.
  • Each tube produces 4 – 6 ml of homogenous PRP.


  • 6 X 2.5ml individually sterilized syringes


  • 6 x 21G 80mm Long Needle – used to aspirate the PRP from the tube
  • 6 x 18G 40mm Needle – used as an air filter to release vacuum
  • 6 x 30G 13mm injecting needle

Phlebotomy Set

  • 6 x Tube holders
  • 6 x 21G / 23G Flashback needle / Butterfly



Some competitor products have gel in their tubes. During centrifugation, gel keeps RBCs under the gel. But RBCs are bigger molecular structures than platelets and during the centrifugational movement of the cells, RBCs collect many Platelets under the gel along with the RBCs. Also, it is a risk that the gel may be allergen. In some cases, there may be some risks to collect the gel inside the tubes and re-inject to patients. Due to those risks, our PRP Tubes do not include gel.


PURE PRP Kits are single-use and sterile. We do not accept returns and we do not make refunds.

The PRP PURE kit is the most cost effective and pure kit in the UK market offering 6 client treatment and accessories

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