SportS Massage Level 4 & 5 Combined ITEC

SportS Massage Level 4 & 5 ITEC

This course is idea for those who are working as level 3 sports massage therapists and wish to treat injuries now. Excellent knowledge of muscle insertion and origins and sports massage techniques at level 3 is essential.

Sport Massage Level 4 & 5 Combined

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Sport Massage Level 4 & 5 Combined

What this course covers

This is for therapists who already massage and anatomy / physiology qualified at level 3 within the past 3 years.

Level 4
Confidently identify bony landmarks within the body.
Understand the influence and effect of client information and how this impacts upon treatment.
Describe common soft tissue pathologies/injuries.
Carry out detailed case history taking with relevant orthopaedic testing.
Explore evidence based practice in the context of sports/soft tissue massage.
Perform advanced massage techniques to manage your client’s complaint.
Discuss the impact of cryo and thermotherapy within a therapeutic encounter.

Level 5
Understand neurological presentations (including dermatomes, myotomes and testing).
Describe and confidently discuss a selection of neurological injuries.
Understand sports specific posture and gait and to analyse findings.
Confidently explore evidence based practice and reflect upon literature.
Understand and to perform complex case history and assessment taking.
Confidently apply specialised soft tissue techniques.
Consolidate your learning and autonomous practitionership.


  • Whatapp support group which answers queries as and when they arise
  • Videos
  • Course handouts and folder

Does not include: 

  • Course books
  • Exam fee
    (approx 175 x 2 to be given at the time of exam for both qualifications)

Sport Massage Level 4 & 5 Combined


Good level of anatomy knolwedge related to bony landmarks, muscles is essential.

Recent (no more than 3 years old) qualification in Level 3 body massage including anantomy and physiology.

Computer and internet to enable learner to access online study content.

Good communication and English language skills (written and spoken)

Sport Massage Level 4 & 5 Combined


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Level 3 Massage therapists, level 3 sports massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopathic students, physical therapists.

Sport Massage Level 4 & 5 Combined


  • 45 min sports full body massage
  • 5 min pre event massage
  • 5 min post event massage
  • 5 min aftercare including stretching advice

Level 4 practical exam will be :

  • Postural assessment and orthopeadic assessment of injury, sports specific treatment for injury 45 min
  • 5 min pre event massage
  • 5 min post event massage
  • 5 min aftercare including stretching advice
  • Plus relevant portfolio work (4 written assignments)
Sport Massage Level 4 & 5 Combined


  • Chiropractic Courses
  • Physiotherapy Courses
  • Osteopathy Courses

Sport Massage Level 4 & 5 Combined


Our Croydon venue has many parking facilities near by, closest being Nation Car Parks Plc situated in the Whitgift Centre or Central Shopping Centre Parking for other venues varies. Details are provided in your enrollment email regarding parking.

At Affable Therapy Training Limited, we do training in small groups of 6 or 8 students. The course structure is well thought out and delivered by experienced and enthusiastic tutors. We are confident that you will be able to learn the technique in one day. Our manuals are detailed and are excellent reference sources when you leave the class to remind you of the techniques. However, if you feel that you need to repeat the course for any reason, you can do so at no extra cost subject to availability.

First of all congratulations! You can attend some courses such as waxing, facial, manicure, pedicure, eyelash extension, threading etc., which are not intensively based on massage. For other courses which are more for full body or are heavily massage based, we would request you to either get a permission from your midwife / GP or bring a model to work on. This is because in UK the legislation is very clear only qualified medical professionals can work on a pregnant client. For another learner to work on you during the course, they need permission from your qualified medical professional e.g. midwife or GP. Also we will need to assign a qualified pregnancy massage specialist tutor to the course that you will be joining so let us know at the time of enrolment. We recommend that you wait for the first trimester to be over before deciding to do any training course

Yes. Upon successful completion of any of our accreditation courses you can obtain public liability insurance and offer your services the public for a fee. We are passionate about you starting to make a return on the investment you have made in yourself by choosing to train with us and will help you with business advice. Please note introductory courses are for use on friends and family and come with a certificate of attendance only.

Sport Massage Level 3 course TESTIMONIALS

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